The Town Council says ‘vandals’ may have been responsible for cutting the power supply to a display of Christmas lights next to Highbridge’s town clock this week.

The lights at Jubilee Gardens, pictured here, went black after a power cable was damaged.

A spokesperson for Burnham & Highbridge Town Council says: “Sadly, the power supply to the Christmas lights at Jubilee Gardens, next to the clock roundabout in Highbridge, might have been subject to vandalism.”

“The very tough, armoured cable that feeds the lights was damaged at about chest height. It looks as though the cable might have been repeatedly hit with a sharp implement.”

“This cable carries 240v, so it has been repaired and covered in sturdy ducting. Unlike the incidents of vandalism in Burnham-On-Sea, this damage could not be repaired for free by the lights contractor.”

“The damage was made to the power infrastructure and required us to instruct and pay for an electrician.”

“Thankfully, it is now fixed and we are now asking people to please keep an eye on the lights to help us protect them for our residents.”

It comes just a fortnight after we reported here that Burnham’s Christmas tree was plunged into darkness after two similiar incidents in which a power cable was damaged.


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