Burnham Coastguards in Brean search for ‘woman entering sea’

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to Brean Down on Monday evening (October 26th) to investigate reports of a woman seen entering the sea.

The team was called to Brean beach just after 4pm, as pictured here.

“Our Coastguard Operations Centre had received a 999 call from the staff of the National Trust Cafe after a person had told them they had seen a woman entering the water holding her shoes above her head before disappearing from view,” says a spokesman.

“We arrived on scene and quickly set about getting a visual sweep of the Down and the water with some binoculars. We also liaised with the Brean Beach Warden who had been doing the same thing from his vantage point with his own binoculars.”

“There was a person spotted along the base of the Down in the alcove which is popular with climbers. As the tide receded we kitted up a team to follow the water out and investigate further along in the direction she was thought to be while stopping off to talk to the climbers along the way.”

“After a brief chat with the climbers it was established that they had been ferrying their equipment to their climbing spot through the shallow water carrying it above their heads around the same time as the reports came in.”

Burnham Coastguards

“With fitting our information we had a brief chat with in the ops room who were happy that there was no-one in the water and we could return to station.”

“This was a good call as it would be a completely different story if someone had entered the water especially in these weather conditions.”

Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard if you have concerns about someone in difficulty.

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