vaccination jab

A walk-in vaccination session is set to be held at Berrow’s Mulberry Centre this Sunday (28th November) for Covid Vaccinations for local patients.

Eligible patients registered at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre will also be able to have their flu vaccinations either with their Covid jab or separately on the day.

A spokeswoman says: “On Sunday, there will be a walk-in session with no need to book an appointment for Covid and Flu vaccinations from 9.00-4.00pm.”

“Covid Vaccinations for 1st, 2nd and Boosters will be available for all local patients who are aged 16+ and meet the relevant criteria. Boosters can be given at least 6 months or 180 days after your 2nd Jab.”

“Flu Vaccinations will also be available on a Walk-In basis for eligible patients registered with Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre only (you can have the Flu Jab at the same time as your Covid Booster).”

“Vaccination sessions will also be held at Winchester Farm, Cheddar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.”

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