Worried residents living in Highbridge’s Walrow have this week spoken out about road safety during a Town Council meeting – calling on councillors to step in and avoid a serious accident.

Homeowners living along the Walrow – which is a narrow stretch of road with residents’ cars parked along one side – say they have “growing concerns” about safety.

Caroline Furze, pictured above, said: “We’ve seen a marked rise in the number of vehicles using this narrow stretch of road and an increase in the speed of traffic here.”

“It’s become very dangerous for residents and we are now also seeing the weight limit over the Walrow railway bridge regularly ignored by large vehicles travelling through.”

“Trying to get local bodies to understand the seriousness of the problem is difficult – no-one has listened to us.”

“What will it take to get something done to address the problem – a serious accident?”

“We’ve already had crashes along the road this year and just hope something serious doesn’t happen.”

Cllr Janet Keen, pictured above, added: “I used to live in the Walrow and appreciate the problems that the residents are describing. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

Highbridge’s Mayor, Cllr Bill Hancock, added: “I fully understand the problem. I drive along the Walrow every day and know that road very well and the issues you have described.”

Cllr Peter Clayton acknowledged the issue, responding: “Somerset County Council won’t be able to consider changes there without hard evidence of the problem – it will need a speed monitoring device or a strip across the road to record numbers of vehicles.”

Cllr Phil Harvey added: “There is a three tonne weight limit on the Walrow bridge – it is a worry if it’s being exceeded. Possibly narrowing the bridge further to physically prevent large vehicles is an option?”

The Mayor said the council is keen to help residents address the issue. “There are plenty of ideas for how we can help and we will move it forward.”