Burnham-On-Sea slimmer Chrissie Toleman has lost a huge, life-changing six and a half stone.

Chrissie piled on the pounds after starting a new relationship when she gained four and a half stone in just six months.

She tried cutting the size tags out of her clothes to try and hide the truth about her weight gain. But she didn’t initially do anything to try and reduce her weight because she says she felt happy.

But when Chrissie went to her doctor for a health check, she was shocked to be told that if she continued as she was, she faces a serious risk of a heart attack by the age of 50.

The doctor’s warning acted as her trigger for change. “I knew that I needed to lose weight,” she says.

“I’d tried lots of things before that had always helped to temporarily lose weight but I hadn’t learnt how to make those changes for life.”

“That’s when I thought about Slimming World – although I intially felt very sceptical at first that this would work.”

Chrissie joined Burnham-On-Sea’s Slimming World group and was relieved to see just how friendly everyone was and that her weight would remain completely confidential.

“I was amazed to hear just how much I could eat and how would it would still suit my family favourites like roast dinners, cottage pies and curries.”

“After the first week of following the plan and keeping myself full, I was shocked to see I’d lost 8 1/2 pounds.”

“I was finally changing those old eating habits of jars of sauces and packet foods and swapped to fresh, home-cooked food. I found myself loving cooking all over again!” says Chrissie.

“Seven months on, and 6 1/2 stone lighter, I had a happy Doctor, happy family and, most of all, a happy me!”

“I ditched my inhaler, love walking, and have a new lease of life.”

Chrissie has now decided to help others by becoming a local Slimming World consultant to try and inspire others to slimming success.

She is taking over the Burnham-On-Sea group at Jaycroft Road, which meets every Tuesday at 5pm and 7pm. All are welcome.