November 15, 2005
Wind farm company’s proposals on show at Burnham-On-Sea open day

Controversial plans to build the wind farm pictured above between Burnham-On-Sea and Brent Knoll were on display at an open day attended by several hundred people this week.

Scores of residents visited the ten-hour event at Burnham’s Scout HQ on Tuesday November 15th to look over the detailed plans and discuss them with staff from Ecotricity, the company behind the proposal.

The plans were given the thumbs down by many visitors – according to the results of an informal survey. Visitors were invited by Ecotricity to sign a sheet showing whether they were for or against the proposals. By 7pm, 47 people had signed in favour of the plans, while 84 were against and a dozen were undecided.

Ecotricity handed out information packs and a number of display boards showed background technical information about the proposals.

If they were approved, Ecotricity says the five 65 metre turbines on land at Inner Farm, Edithmead would produce enough electricity for 8,000 homes and would contribute 40 per cent of Somerset’s renewable energy target for 2010.

How the wind turbines would look at Inner Farm, spoke to several residents at the event who had a mixed opinions.

Geoff Cooper, who lives on land neighbouring the proposed development, said: “I’m not in favour of the plans. I think the turbines will have a severe effect on TV reception in the area as they will be right in the way between Burnham, Berrow and the Mendip transmitter.”

He added: “I’m also concerned by the noise they’ll generate and the effect they’ll have on the water table because the bases of these structures are 14 metres across.”

But Clive Stacey, whose parents live in Brent Knoll, told that he was undecided.

He added: “Power has got be created somehow. With technology developing so fast, I’d think that using the waves or building a barage might be better. We’ll need a lot more than just wind to meet our energy needs in the future.”


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