An unexploded World War 2 bomb which was found in the Bristol Channel not far from Hinkley Point C was safely detonated on Sunday (September 17th).

The 250lb device was the fourth to be found during recent weeks by the team building the new power station, which can be seen from Burnham-On-Sea seafront.

A Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team was called in to safely remove the device on Sunday with a controlled detonation.

Watchet Coastguards said this was the fourth such device to be found in the past two months.

Energy firm EDF, which is building a jetty for Hinkley C off the coast, says it is normal practice to check the seabed before construction activity begins on any marine project.

EDF has a team of ten divers checking the seabed ahead of the construction of the main cooling water tunnels and associated seabed structures for Hinkley C.

Given that the area of coast around Hinkley was previously used for training exercises for several decades, it’s likely that more wartime bombs will be found in coming months.

Pictured: The teams at the scene of Sunday’s detonation of a wartime bomb (photos: Watchet Coastguard)

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