A stranded yacht has been rescued after it ran aground on Stert Island opposite Burnham-On-Sea yesterday (Sunday) and its skipper issued an emergency ‘Mayday’ message.

Crews from Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards, BARB Search & Rescue and the RNLI were all involved during Sunday in helping the stranded man onboard over several hours.

BARB’s hovercraft was initially tasked to take a team of Coastguards out to the yacht to check the skipper’s welfare and they were assured that he was fine, but in the evening the yacht became disabled as it refloated on the high tide, prompting a Mayday message.

Here’s how the incident unfolded:

1.55pm: The yacht was left ‘high and dry’ on Stert Island after the falling tide. With many hours until the next tide, Coastguards decide to check on the skipper’s welfare with the help of BARB’s Spirit Of Lelaina hovercraft to make the trip over to the island.

2.15pm: The hovercraft arrives to check on the man onboard, who assures the Coastguards that he’s happy to stay on the island to wait for the next tide. “He is well equipped with lifejackets and safety equipment,” said Coastguard Officer Dave Welland.

8.15pm: The yacht is seen refloating on the incoming tide after being aground for over six hours, however its mooring ropes become stuck around the yacht’s propellor, making it impossible to navigate.

10.30pm: After several hours of trying to fix the problem, the yacht’s skipper issues a ‘Mayday’ message over a radio and Coastguards request the launch of two lifeboats from Burnham jetty, pictured above, to recover the yacht.

11.15pm: The yacht arrived at the moorings at Burnham Yacht Club where the lifeboat crews are pictured boarding it to make it safe on the pontoons.