Somerset County Council has launched a new survey to capture the views of young people across the county on the future of transport.

The survey was complied with the help of the Somerset Youth Parliament and their deputies who belong to the UK-wide group representing the voices of young people.

The survey is on Somerset’s Commonplace website which informs and collects the views of people in the county on sustainable travel provision and planning.

The survey gives young people in the county the chance to have a say on how they want transport to work in the future. Their views will help inform policy, shape sustainable transport solutions and in turn help to combat climate change and improve health.

Jasmine, one of Somerset’s Members of the Youth Parliament said: “Public transport is a particular issue for young people in Somerset as we have so many rural communities.”

Joel, another Member, said: “We’d encourage all young people to have your say about any issues that affect young people in Somerset. The Somerset Youth Parliament is a great foundation to do this.”

Somerset County Council’s Lead Member for Young People, Children and Families, Cllr Tessa Munt said: “Young people have got a lot to say on this issue – not least because it’s their future we’re talking about!”

“We really value our Youth Parliament members. They do fantastic work to give young people a platform and allow their voices to be heard on the things which matter to them.”

Cllr Mike Rigby, Somerset County Council’s Lead Member for Transport and Digital added: “We need to be listening to young people when it comes to planning what transport will look like in the future, so it’s vital that we capture their views.”

“I’d urge young people across the county to take part in the survey and have a good look at our Commonplace website – it’s helping us to shape our transport networks to ensure their priorities are included.”

You can take part in the survey and comment on Somerset’s Local Cycling and Walking Plans here Have Your Say Today – Somerset Sustainable Transport – Commonplace.

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