Burnham-On-Sea Carnival and Bridgwater Carnival dates and information

Burnham-On-Sea Carnival 2014


'Wrath Of Neptune' from Masqueraders Carnival Club won the 2007 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival 2014 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Date and Time:
7.30pm on Monday November 3rd, 2013.

Burnham-On-Sea 2014 Carnival Route:
Tesco's Roundabout > Love Lane > Manor Road > Victoria Street > High Street > Marine Drive > finishes opposite Burnham Holiday Village in Marine Drive. See the route map.

Carnival parking:
Get into Burnham early as many roads in the town close at 6.30pm. Best places for parking are the Oxford Street Car park [map] and the Somerfield's supermarket car park [map] although many side streets also have spaces.

Staying in the Burnham-On-Sea area during the Carnival?
Read our guide to the area's best hotels and B&Bs. There is also self catering accommodation.

Other events at this year's 2014 carnival:
The carnival floats will first arrive in Burnham-On-Sea late on the Saturday night after completing the Bridgwater Carnival. The floats will gather along the B3140, between Edithmead and Love Lane, and will be on display to the public in the daytime throughout Sunday and Monday (albeit without the dazzling lights, dancers or music!).

Disabled parking permit for the Burnham-On-Sea Carnival:
Facilities are available for disabled visitors to view Burnham's carnival procession from the comfort of their own car. For a small sum you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your own vehicle regardless of the weather conditions at the time. Cheques for disabled parking must be payable to 'Highbridge & Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Association' and sent to
Phil New, Carnival Chairman, 221 Burnham Road, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3EJ. Telephone (01278) 780219.


Sat 01 November 19:00 Bridgwater
• Mon 03 November 19:30 Burnham-On-Sea
• Fri 07 November 19:15 Weston-super-Mare
• Sat 08 November 19:00 North Petherton
• Wed 12 November 19:30 Shepton Mallet
• Fri 14 November 19:00 Wells
• Sat 15 November 19:00 Glastonbury


A HUGE crowd of more than 20,000 people lined the streets of Burnham-On-Sea to watch the town's illuminated carnival.


Many thous
ands of people from all over Britain make the journey to this part of Somerset to watch the November carnivals. Watching dozens of dazzling illuminated floats parade through the streets is an amazing spectacle.

Over one hundred giant Carnival floats pass before your eyes, each one pulsating with music and aglow with the lights from thousands of coloured light bulbs, fantastically coloured costumes and special effects to create a magical evening of entertainment.

The origins of the carnival lie in Bridgwater where the inhabitants commemorated the date of Guy Fawkes' attempt in 1605 to blow up parliament with a parade. Bridgwater stages the first carnival of the series across Somserset.

Sedgemoor celebrations continue through the weekend with carnivals at North Petherton and Burnham-on-Sea / Highbridge with free firework displays, street entertainment, arts and special events. The Carnival also goes on to other locations around Somerset including Weston-Super-Mare.


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