Burnham-On-Sea Carnival 2019

2019 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival - Monday 4th November

Your full guide to Burnham-On-Sea's carnival

Start time for Burnham’s 2019 carnival

2019 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Date and Time: 7.30pm on Monday November 4th, 2019.

Route of Burnham’s 2019 carnival

Burnham-On-Sea 2019 Carnival Route: Tesco’s roundabout > Love Lane > Manor Road > Victoria Street > High Street > Marine Drive > finishes opposite Burnham Holiday Village in Marine Drive. See the route map and the 2019 road closures.

Carnival parking

  Carnival parking: Get into Burnham early as many roads in the town close at 6.30pm. Best places for parking are the Oxford Street Car park and the Pier Street car park although many side streets also have spaces. Oxford Street Car Park is the upper right car park on the map below and Pier Street is lower left.

Staying in Burnham for the carnival

Staying in the Burnham-On-Sea area during the Carnival? Read our guide to the area’s best hotels and B&Bs. There is also self catering accommodation. Arrival of the carts for the 2019 carnival: The carnival carts will first arrive in Burnham-On-Sea late on the Saturday night after completing the Bridgwater Carnival.

Burnham-On-Sea seafront fireworks

The floats will gather along Queen’s Drive and the Frank Foley Parkway where they will be on display to the public throughout Sunday and Monday. Carnival weekend fireworks: Burnham-On-Sea’s dazzling seafront fireworks display is scheduled to be held on Sunday November 3rd 2019. Time TBC.


A taster of what you’ll see at the spectacle of Burnham-On-Sea Carnival as thousands line the streets to watch the entertainment.


The Carnival Programme is an excellent souvenir – it provides lots of information about the event, including a comprehensive list of all of the procession’s entries, photographs of some carts, information on the Carnival Queen and Princesses, a short history of the Carnival and much more!

The Highbridge & Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Programme can be purchased from October in local shops, pubs, the tourist information centre and other outlets in Burnham-On-Sea. It can also be bought in November on the night of the Burnham-On-Sea Fireworks display and the night of the Carnival itself.


The Highbridge & Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Procession is a unique experience that is difficult to appreciate in one evening. There’s so much going on that it is easy to miss something, so why not treat yourself to an official DVD of the evening. The DVDs also make great gifts.

The procession will be recorded as usual by Moving Art, with broadcast quality equipment, and will be available just days after the Carnival is over. The DVDs are multi-regional, are compatible with Blu-Ray, and carry a no-quibble guarantee. The price in previous years has been £16.00 plus £2 P & P. For postal orders, please contact Phil New on 01278 780219 and make all cheques payable to Highbridge & Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Ltd. They are also available from selected local shops.

Welcome to the 2019 Highbridge and Burnham Carnival

Phil New, Carnival Chairman, welcomes visitors to the 2019 event: Many thousands of people from all over Britain make the journey to this part of Somerset to watch our November carnival. Watching dozens of dazzling illuminated floats parade through the streets is an amazing spectacle! Over one hundred giant Carnival floats will pass before your eyes, each one pulsating with music and aglow with the lights from thousands of coloured light bulbs, fantastically coloured costumes and special effects to create a magical evening of entertainment. The origins of the carnival lie in Bridgwater where the inhabitants commemorated the date of Guy Fawkes’ attempt in 1605 to blow up parliament with a parade. Bridgwater stages the first carnival of the series across Somerset. The Carnival also goes on to other locations around Somerset including Weston, Glastonbury and North Petherton.

Disabled Parking at 2019 Carnival

Disabled parking permits are available for the 2019 Burnham-On-Sea Carnival. Facilities are available for disabled visitors to view Burnham’s carnival procession from the comfort of their own car. For £15, you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your own vehicle regardless of the weather conditions at the time. Cheques for disabled parking must be payable to ‘Highbridge & Burnham-On-Sea Carnival Association’ and sent to Phil New, Carnival Chairman, 221 Burnham Road, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3EJ. Call 01278 780219 for full details.

Get in contact with the carnival team

For enquiries regarding:

  • General event enquiries
  • Disabled Parking
  • Marshalling
  • Getting involved as a helper
  • Taking part in the event

Contact Phil New, Carnival Chairman, at 221 Burnham Road, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3EJ or call 01278 780219.

Dig deep on the night

Please remember to dig deep and give your spare change to the charity collectors on the night.

The carnival raises thousands of pounds for good causes and to help the event continue to be held every year but can only continue with your help.