February 1, 2005
Daring duo perform work on roof of Burnham’s lighthouse

Burnham residents were forgiven for taking a double take as they passed by the town’s main lighthouse this week.

For perched on top of the 30 metre tall structure were two brave workmen carrying out repairs.

The brick tower, which can be seen for miles around Burnham, was being given roof repairs by two of the family members who own the building.

They were seen carefully negotiating their way around the top of the building whilst safely strapped to it by abseiling ropes.

Workmen at the top of Burnham LighthouseOwner Jill O’Hagan told Burnham-On-Sea.com that her husband had been carrying out the work ahead of the summer tourist season, when the building will once again be rented out as holiday accomodation.

One passer-by, who was watching the work, said the two clearly are “probably the bravest residents in the whole of Burnham.” He added: “They’ve clearly got a head for heights. I wouldn’t even step foot on the balcony, let alone clamber up a ladder and get out on top!”


Burnham Lighthouse history

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