Over 1,200 people have signed a petition calling on Sedgemoor District Council to ensure more trees are planted across the area to help mitigate the impact of climate change.

The petition closes next week on December 16th and will be debated by district councillors at a meeting of the full council on December 17th.

The organiser, Andrew Tyler, will be given three minutes to present the results before the debated and consideration of the next steps.

The petition calls: “The Council must find funds from its budgets or seek developer contributions to plant more trees throughout the Council area on an ongoing basis. More trees seem to be dying and being cut down than are being planted.”

“The fact that we have trees here now is because of the actions of previous generations. If we don’t plant more trees there will be fewer for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.”

“The population of the Council area is increasing and it takes 7 trees to produce the Oxygen needed for 1 person each year. Trees aren’t being planted at that rate.

The petition calls on the council to ensure: 

  • more trees are planted by developers in and around new developments
  • the County Council and Parish Councils plant more trees at suitable locations on roadside verges and in parks
  • that businesses putting up new buildings must ensure an adequate number of trees in the immediate vicinity of new buildings
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