The pupils at St Andrew’s Junior School in Burnham-On-Sea had a special visit from a local author this week.

Burnham author Ann Poole, who recently launched her new children’s book ‘Beach Friends’, visited the school’s assembly to share her story and talk about the process of publishing a book.

Ann knows the school well since her children and grandchildren have all previously been students there.

The school’s Jim Gillard said: “Her book takes its inspiration from 20 years ago when family trips to the beach would lead to stories and creative play, based from her children’s adventures and games on the beach. Characters include a starfish, a crab and other popular seaside animals.”

“Ann spoke about what she had to do get her book published. We also discussed how a dream can often be achieved many years after its inception and how important it is to follow that dream, even it has taken to the back burner for a while.”

After sharing her story, some of the Year 3 children had the chance to have a closer look at the book back in class.

Published by New Generation, the book has been distributed to several publishing outlets such as Amazon here. The hardback is priced £14.99, the paperback is £8.99 and the Kindle edition is £4.99. The book is also on sale at Burnham-On-Sea’s GW Hurley’s in the town’s High Street.

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