A Burnham-On-Sea town councillor has proposed that a new ‘open-air Roman amphitheatre’ is built in Highbridge’s Apex Park to serve as a major new arts attraction.

Cllr Martin Cox suggested the unique proposal during a Town Council debate this week about how Hinkley Point community funding could be used in Burnham and Highbridge.

“I think an open-air Roman amphitheatre could work really well at Apex Park, complete with stone columns, pillars and seating up the bank,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“Local drama groups would often put on outdoor shows there and create a super community atmosphere – it would add another great facility to Apex Park.”

He said the proposals would be funded from the £15m Hinkley Point community mitigation fund, aimed at compensating local areas for disruption during the building of Hinkley C.

Cllr Cox added that a mock Roman amphitheatre is successfully used in Swanage, Dorset which would be the “model to follow.”

The proposal was considered during a Burnham and Highbridge Town Council Policy and Finance committee meeting this week.

Highbridge councillor John Parkes added: “It is a good idea, but I am conscious that we have to try and get all in the community involved with Hinkley-funded schemes like this – I don’t want to see young people left out.”

Cllr Janet Keen said she could not see how the proposal would exclude any age or gender group, to which Cllr Parkes added that he’s keen to see young people fully consulted on “adult-led projects”.

No decision was made on the proposal, but it will be discussed further with local groups to assess the interest.

Pic Stevekraken

Burnham-On-Sea Cllr Cox says a mock Roman amphitheatre in Swanage, Dorset, pictured here, would be the “model to follow” at Apex Park