Children and staff from Berrow Pre-School and the reception class at Berrow Primary School enjoyed a special visit by Burnham’s rescue hovercraft and its crew this week.

Burnham-based charity BARB (Burnham Area Rescue Boat) was invited to bring one of its hovercrafts, The Light of Elizabeth, to help the children with their studies on emergency colours.

“Members of the BARB team showed the children their safety equipment and talked about the different colours which BARB and the Coastguards wear,” said Berrow School’s Daycare Manager, Annette Milburn.

“Then, all of the children and staff had the opportunity to climb aboard the craft.”

“The children were invited to ask questions and they came up with some really good queries.”

She added: “The staff from Berrow Pre-School and Berrow Primary School were very grateful to the crew for coming to visit and a collection was taken which meant that each child was able to purchase a pencil and a postcard and make a donation to this very good cause.”


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