A new project to reduce marine and beach litter on Burnham-On-Sea’s beach in order to improve the town’s bathing water quality has launched a new survey this week.

Burnham-On-Sea’s recently-appointed Coastal Officer, Harriet Yates-Smith, is running the independent community campaign called Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset, led by the Severn Estuary Partnership.

She wants to harness Burnham’s community spirit to reduce marine litter and improve the bathing water quality by encouraging people to consider and reduce their own impacts on water quality through campaigns, events and education.

“A new questionnaire has been launched this week to reach out to everyone who enjoys Burnham-On-Sea’s beaches and wants to keep them free from litter and improve bathing water quality,” she said.

“The questionnaire takes two minutes to complete and will help me to understand how you like to enjoy Burnham’s beaches, what you think are the key issues affecting the water quality in Burnham and where you think the litter on the beaches comes from. Your answers will go on to shape the project and its campaigns.” The questionnaire is online here.