Dog owners in Burnham-On-Sea have this week been warned to be extra vigilant while walking their pets on the town’s beach after several animals fell ill.

This dog, a smooth fox terrier, is being treated for kidney problems by a local vet after swallowing something toxic on Burnham beach.

Owner Lyn, who does want to be fully named, told “My dog, Layla, was taken very ill last week and has been having vet care since.”

“It seems her blood tests show kidney problems through something toxic being swallowed.”

“I got chatting with a fellow dog walker this week who informed me she had picked up and disposed of some blister packs of pills found on the beach.”

“The prescription drugs were those used to treat mental illness. My dog has the risk of permanently damaged kidneys. Bridge Vets have been brilliant.”

Sedgemoor District Council, which oversees cleaning of beaches in Burnham-On-Sea and Berrow, said on Wednesday (February 24th) it is aware of the matter.

Spokeswoman Claire Faun told “We can only act when people ring us straight away if they see anything suspicious, as the tide often washes away any evidence. We would urge any dog walkers or walkers on the beach to get in touch soon as possible.”