A survey team had to be rescued on Berrow beach this morning (Thursday) after getting trapped in thick mud.

Sedgemoor District Council’s beach manager called on the help of Burnham-based rescue charity BARB to reach the stranded vehicle, which was near the Berrow shipwreck, shortly before 11am.

The Nissan Nirvana became stuck while carrying out surveying work on behalf of the Environment Agency.

BARB Operations Manager Mike Lowe told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “BARB’s tractor was used to haul the vehicle out of the mud and up the beach to safety. The incident again demonstrated the dangers of driving on soft sand on beaches in the Burnham area.”

“If vehicles like this are not retrieved, there is a strong likelihood that people will put their safety at risk by wading out across the mud to reach it.”

The vehicle’s owner made a donation to BARB to cover its costs.


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