A Berrow woman has admitted to stabbing her husband three times but denied murder as her court trial continues.

Penelope Jackson admits knifing husband David three times in their family home in Berrow on 13 February but denies murder.

Mrs Jackson described her husband as “nasty” and said he was an “aggressive bully”.

Jurors were shown footage of the 66-year-old’s arrest at her trial at Bristol Crown Court during Wednesday (October 13th).

Penelope Jackson, 65, has been charged with murdering David Jackson (both pictured), 78, at their bungalow in Berrow near Burnham-On-Sea

When police officers arrived at the couple’s home in Parsonage Road, Mr Jackson was bleeding to death in his underpants in the kitchen, the court heard.

Mrs Jackson, who had repeatedly acknowledged she had stabbed her husband on a phone call with emergency services, was then patted down and handcuffed.

During the officers’ search, Mrs Jackson can be heard saying “I’ve got my ‘jamas on.” She can then be heard telling officers: “There’s no issue, I stabbed him, he’s an aggressive bully and nasty and I’ve had enough… When he says I wouldn’t do it, I did it twice more.”

After being put in the police car, the footage then shows the defendant being advised to be quiet and wait for legal advice. But Mrs Jackson replies: “No, no. I’ve no intention of not agreeing to what I’ve done. I know what I’ve done, and I know why I’ve done it and if I haven’t done it properly I’ll be really annoyed.”

In another video clip shown to the court, when Mrs Jackson is re-arrested for murder, rather than attempted murder, the defendant can be heard saying on the video: “Oh, good.”

Once at the police station, she can be heard telling officers she has not been out “since before Christmas”, adding “I might just freeze to death”. The court then heard her joking: “That would be really great, getting Covid on top of this”, as staff took her temperature as part of Coronavirus precautions.

She can then be heard adding: “I tell you what, you don’t get many murders in Berrow.”

Mrs Jackson admits manslaughter of the retired lieutenant colonel but denies murder, claiming he was coercive, controlling and physically abusive to her.

A number of friends and relatives have given evidence to say they never saw any sign that the couple were unhappy together. Several described the defendant as the more outgoing of the two.

Julie Smith, an old friend of Mrs Jackson whom she had met when they both worked in accounts and administration at the Ministry of Defence, said she would often have one-to-one calls with her.

She told the court: “David was quiet, unassuming, sociable, a good man, Penelope was sociable and gregarious. They both had quite strong views so they were similar in that respect.”

Ms Smith continued: “They seemed to rub along quite well, just little disagreements like any married couple.”

She added that she had never seen any aggression between the pair, saying: “They seemed comfortable in each other’s company.”

Mrs Smith said the defendant and the victim had enjoyed travel, going on several cruises each year and often spending the winter months in Spain.

The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues.


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