A group of big-hearted Burnham-On-Sea motorbike enthusiasts has raised hundreds of pounds for a crucial monitor which will give a six year-old girl some independence.

Burnham’s ‘Bike Knights’ group took part in a bike run at the weekend to raise £642 for a special monitor which will allow Finn Goggin to sleep in her own room for the first time in her life.

Finn was born with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of intractable epilepsy, and therefore needs 24-hour care because she is unable to breathe when she experiences one of her daily seizures.

Whenever a seizure begins, Finn’s parents have just three minutes to administer her medication – but the monitor, which acts as an alarm when Finn has a seizure, will allow her to spend time in another room alone.

One of the organisers of the ride-out was Heather Hayward, who said: “We were happy to raise money from our ride-out for Finn, towards a monitor.”

“There were 33 bikes and respective pillions that took part in Sunday’s event and, with donations, the total raised was £642, with other anonymous donations as well as a table top sale. We teamed up with Paul from Ridesafe for this much-needed monitor fundraiser, which we have achieved. A big thank to all who participated in the rideout.”

Pictured: Top, the bikers who took part in the ride-out and, above, Heather Hayward, owner Jeremy Barker and organiser Phil Hayward handing over the summer bike award this week after a series of weekly gatherings