A major search was carried out on Brean Down on Wednesday (September 28th) after a woman in a distressed state was reported missing.

Teams of Coastguards from Burnham and Weston joined police and crewmembers from BARB (Burnham Area Rescue Boat) in conducting a three-hour search of the area amid serious concerns for the welfare of the 39 year-old.

Two Weston lifeboats and a police helicopter were also called in to scour the area around the Down as well as the rocky outcrop itself.

The lady was eventually found on a secluded grassy slope on the north side of the Down in a ‘distressed’ state.

Sgt Ian Kennett from Burnham Police told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “The lady was reported missing at 1.30pm by her concerned relatives and a thorough search was carried out to find her, resulting in her being found shortly after 5pm.”

“This was an excellent example of a co-ordinated search by various agencies working together. “I would like to thank the BARB volunteers, Coastguards and lifeboat crews for their help.”

Burnham Coastguard Officer Steve Bird told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “There were serious concerns for the welfare of the lady, so this was a good outcome to what could have been a very different ending.”