Members of Brean Land Yachting Club say they have been left ‘devastated’ after Saturday morning’s high winds destroyed their wooden clubhouse.

Damaging 70mph westerly winds from Storm Hannah completely blew apart the structure of the building, which had been in place since 1990 next to Brean beach.

The club’s shocked members managed to salvage many items from inside the building on Saturday afternoon but say the repair bill will be thousands of pounds.

“It is devastating to see this – a total disaster for our club,” Graham Harris, Vice Chairman, told

“The wooden structure of the building is completely gone. These were the strongest winds we’ve seen here for many, many years.”

“We have managed to retrieve many of the land yachts and salvaged as much as we can from inside, but the electrics, and many other items are damaged or gone.”

“It really is disastrous for us, but we will rebuild with financial help and are keen to bounce back. It’s such a shock – the final day of sailing this season was due this weekend.”

Treasurer Pete Callaghan, who has been involved with the club for 15 years, added that he’d not experienced winds as strong as those on Saturday.

“The scale of the damage is surprising and hugely disappointing. It was one hell of a westerly and our wooden building unfortunately took the brunt of it.”

And Derek George, Chairman, told “We are all shocked this has happened. It’s ironic when we actually rely on the winds to do our sport, but this time the wind was very unwelcome and has done this.”

“We will rebuild, with the support of the local community.”

Western Power Distribution was called to the beach to disconnect the club’s power on Saturday afternoon as the winds died down.

The club’s members sifting through the remains on Saturday afternoon