Visitors to Brean Down have been fascinated by this huge 80-metre ‘crop circle’ in the sand this week.

However, the eye-catching artwork is not the work of UFOs.

Sand artist Julian Richardson spent five hours creating the huge design.

Julian, who has previously admitted to creating many crop circles in fields around Wiltshire, told “This week’s design was 80 metres wide and consisted of 12 hexagons interlaced to create a 3D effect – it’s got lots of attention, with many people stopping us to ask us about it.”

“I have been involved in crop circle making since the 1990s – I just love geometry, art and the paranormal. I’m really keen for artwork like this to be legitimised.”

He added: “The sand at Brean is idea for this and, with great aerial views from the top of Brean Down, it’s a great location to view the sand art too. I intend to be back several times over the summer, weather and tides permitting.”

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