Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge families are being invited to nominate their favourite ‘Positive about Breastfeeding’ local places to mark this year’s World Breastfeeding Week.

Cafes, gardens, open spaces, abbeys, town halls, restaurants and sports centres across Somerset have all become new breastfeeding places over the last year.

Locally, they include Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge Libraries, and King Alfred’s Sports Centre in Highbridge.

Many of the sites are bow registered on a new website for young families planning a trip out that is available here.

The Somerset ‘Positive about Breastfeeding’; programme is a quality mark that is awarded to public places who welcome breastfeeding families. It is given to venues that have made a significant commitment to uphold the rights of mothers and families by supporting their choice to feed their baby how and wherever they choose.

Councillor Christine Lawrence, Chair of the Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “I am delighted that such a public commitment to supporting breastfeeding mums is being made by Positive About Breastfeeding venues. We know the importance of breastfeeding in promoting good health for both mum and for baby.”

“We want Somerset to be a leading Positive About Breastfeeding county where families are supported to make the natural choice in infant feeding. As part of this, we also want parents to feel welcomed and supported to breastfeed when out and about in Somerset.”

“There is a growing list of positive places to visit in Somerset and so many of them are leading the way by demonstrating their commitment to giving every baby in Somerset the best start in life and supporting every family to have the greatest experience of breastfeeding while out and about that they can.”

Breastfeeding provides a baby with all they need for healthy growth and development in the first six months and beyond. Breastmilk constantly adapts to meet a baby’s daily needs and protects babies against a number of infections. Breastfeeding also helps mums by reducing the risk of breast cancer, diabetes and ovarian cancer.

Other venues are encouraged to apply for Positive About Breastfeeding status.