Burnham-On-Sea.com is now fully speech-enabled.

This new functionality – which is provided in conjunction with a third-party tool called Browsealoud – gives our site users the ability to listen to Burnham-On-Sea.com’s content.

All you have to do is install the free Browsealoud software by clicking here.

Browsealoud is a Windows application designed for use with Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape Navigator 7, and Mozilla 1.7.3 upwards.

Why speech enable our website?

Speech enabling Burnham-On-Sea.com provides an additional way of accessing our content for those who find it hard to read.

This includes those with dyslexia or learning difficulties, those for whom English is not their first language, or anyone with a mild visual impairment. It is not designed to replace other screen readers.

How does it work?

You download a free, small browser plug-in. Once the plug-in has been installed, content on Burnham-On-Sea.com can be spoken aloud. You can control the voice, pitch and the speed.

When you scroll over the text on the website, Browsealoud will read and speak what you require. Browsealoud cam read every webpage on our site and it can also read PDFs in Adobe Reader Version 6.0 onwards.

Can I customise Browsealoud?

Yes – once installed, look for the Browsealoud icon in your system tray, which is usually at the bottom right hand corner of your screen beside the system clock. Right click on the icon and choose ‘open Browsealoud settings’ from the menu.

The speech tab on the settings window enables you to choose a male or female voice, and change the speed, pitch and volume of the reader. To read the entire page from where your cursor points, check the ‘Continue reading from pointer’ box. Otherwise Browsealoud will only read the individual sentences you point to.

Download the free Browsealoud software


Burnham-On-Sea.com Accessibility and Usability

Frequently Asked Questions about Browsealoud

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