A Burnham-On-Sea family has thanked a mystery couple for helping them on Carnival Day when they were left ‘stranded’ at Berrow when bus services were halted by carnival road closures.

Norman Rushworth and his wife, pictured, were with two friends when they were told to leave the bus running between Weston and Burnham.

Norman told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “On Monday, along with visiting friends, we went to Weston by bus. Knowing that it was carnival day, we caught the early 4.02pm bus back.”

“Imagine our distress when the bus driver ordered us off the bus at the Berrow Triangle, saying that he was going no further as it was carnival day.”

“We asked how we could get to Burnham and in an off-hand voice he said that we could walk. When I said that it was probably a good two miles, in fact it is more like 3 miles, he said that he supposed it was, but he drove off back to Weston.”

“This left myself, aged 84, my wife aged 82 and our visitors, aged 83 and 80, to make our way back. I pointed out that our male visitor walked with the aid of a walking stick and could not manage long distances.”

“We set off on foot towards Burnham and came across a filling station – that was when our world changed to ‘real Burnham’.”

“I explained our predicament to a van driver and asked if he could get our friend back to our bungalow.”

“His van was too full for this, but he called his wife who arrived five minutes later and took us all home. It was so kind!”

“I would just like to thank these people and say that we did put more money in the carnival collection as a small thank you for their outstanding kindness. Wonderful people!”

Burnham-On-Sea.com invited First Bus to comment and a spokesman said: “We wholeheartedly apologise for the inconvenience and distress this situation has caused to the passengers concerned.”

“Whilst the bus service was affected by the carnival and road closures, which are outside our control, we take the welfare of all our passengers very seriously and we will ensure that such a situation does not occur again.”