Police are set to launch a crackdown on ‘boy racers’ using Burnham-On-Sea seafront and the B&M car park as a “race track” late at night, it has been confirmed this week.

Burnham-On-Sea Police’s PCSO Ryan Coleman responded to residents’ concerns about the ongoing problems when he spoke at this week’s meeting of the Town Council.

He said: “We are seeing issues again in the B&M car park, mainly in terms of so-called ‘boy racers’ often driving at speed and in modified vehicles.”

“We have seen linked  anti-social behaviour as well, with reports of the drivers shouting, swearing and leaving litter behind.”

“From a policing point of view, we are looking at a presence in the area and as reports come in from local residents I can increase the presence, espeially late at night.”

“It is really important that we get reports from local people when the problems occur. If people are experiencing issues where they live or work, I would encourage them to report them on 101.”

Cllr Louise Parkin added: “This problem has been going on a long time. I remember when that was my ward about 20 years ago and we had that problem then. It is about time it got fixed.”

Cllr Andy Hodge added that during the council’s recent food festival display, he’d heard from “quite a few seafront residents that the car park is being used like a race track very late at night when people are trying to sleep.”

PCSO Ryan Coleman responded: “I am aware that this is an issue that seems to be raising its ugly head again in terms of the seafront and surrounding roads being used almost as a race track at times.”

“We need reports to come in on 101 from residents when this happens with registration details, but we don’t want anyone to put themselves in any danger. I can ask for police officers to come in from Burnham or Bridgwater to address the issue.”

“I am going to do a letter drop in that area to let people know that we are aware of the issue and we are keen to follow up on them.”

He added that follow-up calls and visits are planned “to motorists’ addresses to get the message out there that it is unacceptable the behaviour that is being demonstrated.”

PCSO Coleman added: “If I witness anti-social driving or driving at speed then I do have the power to potentially arrange for vehicles to be seized under Section 59.”


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