The amount collected at the Highbridge & Burnham Carnival in recent years:

2015 – £10,454

2014 – £11,645

2013 – £10,765

2012 – £9,400

2011 – £11,298

2010 – £9,400

2009 – £10,332

2008 – £9,600

2007 – £11,000

A total of £10,454 was collected for good causes and charities from spectators during Monday’s Burnham-On-Sea Carnival – a reduced amount despite huge crowds.

The figure was down by £1,200 on last year, which has disappointed organisers after a massive turnout of around 35,000 people.

“It’s a poor figure – very disappointing,” Carnival Treasurer Jonathan Walter told Burnham-On-Sea.com. “It was clearly a record turnout so to get such a low collection is a surprise – we had a lot more collectors out on the streets than last year.”

“There were just a dozen £10 notes and 28 £5 notes in the collection buckets this year which bearing in mind the thousands of people in the crowd was a disappointment.”

Carnival Chairman Phil New added: “The collection of £10,454 was well down on last year which is a disappointment. People just seem to have been giving less this time which was a surprise, but we do thank all those who supported us.”

The announcement came after dozens of volunteers spent much of Tuesday counting the thousands of coins that had been thrown into collecting carts and buckets along the route. A further £3,000 was also raised at Sunday’s fireworks.

Several organisers said the lower figure may be due in part to Sunday’s fireworks collection being up, with visitors thinking they’d already given a donation and not doing so again at the carnival. The money collected on carnival night goes to help fund the event and also help local charities.


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