A vet based near Burnham-On-Sea has expressed his shock this week at having to help two cats shot by air guns.

Two incidents have occurred during the past week in and around Wedmore, prompting a warning from Axe Valley Vets.

Vet Dave Kemp told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Last Saturday I examined ‘Hope’, a cat from the Bagley area. She was limping and had a suspicious wound on her back.”

“X-rays revealed an air gun pellet lodged in her spine which is causing neurological problems. Time will tell if these signs will improve or surgery will be required to remove the pellet.”

He added: “A second cat was also shot in the front leg, smashing her shoulder joint, which will probably mean that ‘Trouble’ will either limp for the rest of her life or worse still lose her leg.”

“We cannot be certain that these are malicious acts but would like to re-iterate the need to know exactly who is using any air gun that you may have in your household.”

Anyone with information about the incidents should contact police on 101.