b&M car park

Sedgemoor District Council says it is “investigating the pros and cons of a number of options” for managing Burnham-On-Sea’s Pier Street car park at night amid continuing concerns from residents.

As reported here by Burnham-On-Sea.com last weekend, residents living next to the seafront car park say they often have to put up with late night noise from so-called ‘boy racers’.

Several residents have called for a gate to be installed at the entrances to the car park which would be closed once B&M shuts each night in a bid to prevent gatherings of vehicles.

Speaking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, Claire Faun from Sedgemoor District Council said this week: “We are currently investigating the pros and cons of a number of options for managing the car park during the evenings, bearing in mind that during the summer nights it is well used by visitors, as well as people going into pubs and restaurants.”

“In the meantime, Council officers are engaging with local residents to discuss how this issue may be resolved by working alongside the Police.”