Create Yoiu, Highbridge

A new art and craft shop that also offers creative workshops has opened in Highbridge town centre this week with the aim of helping local people “combat social isolation, grow in confidence and make new friends.”

‘Create You’ has launched in Highbridge’s Market Street, as pictured here, and prides itself on bringing something new to the area.

The shop, owned by Leila Browning, sells art supplies, books, plus art sets for school pupils and college students, and is also holding workshops and craft sessions for all abilities.

The new shop will be selling art and craft gifts from local crafters and anyone interested in selling items should get in contact.

Talking to, Leila said: “After years of struggling with mental health issues I found a way of coping by immersing myself in art. I found that by having an escape from the stresses of everyday life and allowing myself time to be creative I had finally found my coping mechanism.”

“With this new-found knowledge, I asked myself ‘why is everyone not doing this?’ and the idea was born. I had to share this with as many people as possible. I had to create a safe place for everyone, no matter what their situation, to come and feel welcome and included and in turn learn some new skills.”

“I believe that being creative helps us learn more about ourselves, it gives us some ‘down time’, and it creates a sense of mindfulness in the process.”

“Create You is run by Jenny Fox and I, we have a large selection of groups available to hopefully suit everyone’s needs and many more new groups are being set up in the future.”

“Our aim is to combat social isolation, to help people grow in confidence and to make new friends. We are passionate about the fact that everyone should feel comfortable and at ease including those with autism, anxiety and additional needs.”

“Being creative is for everyone, and as we say, ‘All art is good art’ as long as you enjoy the process.”

“Alongside the groups we also have an art retail area, providing a range of art materials and school art packs with a section for local artists and crafters to sell their products.”

“We are also looking for more artwork to hang on our walls so please do get in contact if you would like to display your work.”

“Pop in and say hello and we look forward to meeting you all.”

Leila is being helped by Jenny Fox in running the shop and she also thanked her sister, Melanie Pether, for all her help and support.

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