Crisp packet recycling at Burnham-On-Sea's Princess Theatre

Burnham-On-Sea’s Princess Theatre has this month joined a new recycling scheme to become a collection point for used crisp packets while raising money for a local good cause at the same time.

Talking to, Theatre Manager Sam Nicol said: “Our latest environmental venture is to support the new Walkers crisps scheme. We now provide a collection point for empty crisp packets.”

“Anyone with an empty crisp packet from any company can bring it into the collection point.”

“We will then send off batches of the empty crisp packets to Walkers who recycle them and they give us a financial contribution to donate to a charity – we hand this on to Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset to support their work.”

Paper straws have been introduced - and sugar packets have been scrapped
Paper straws have been introduced – and sugar packets have been scrapped

“This means that the crisp packets don’t end up on the beaches or in landfill, and we help to support an important local charity.”

Churchfield School in Highbridge has also recently joined the Walkers scheme to enable pupils to recycle their crisp packets.

During the last few months, The Princess has also signed up to the national Refill scheme so that people can refill their water bottles in the café, as well as switching from single use plastic cups to re-usable cups. It also no longer offers plastic straws or sugar sachets.

The theatre recently received certificates for its plastic-free and environmental work from both the Plastic Free community group and the business awards scheme organised by Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset.

Sam added: “We have a great location in town where we can showcase a host of environmental initiatives.”

The ‘refill’ scheme encourages people to drop in for water rather than buying plastic water bottles