A Burnham-On-Sea author is to launch his third book at the end of this month.

Damien Boyd has completed work on the novel, Kickback, which is in final editing ready for publication on February 28th 2014.

He told Burnham-on-Sea.com that readers of the crime thriller will be on the edge of their seats.

“Trainee jockey, Noel Woodman, has been kicked to death by an aggressive stallion at a horse racing stables near Bridgwater. Everyone is convinced it was an accident, except his brother, Jon, which is home on leave from Afghanistan.”

“Still recovering from the physical and mental scars of his last case, DI Nick Dixon is drawn into the investigation at the point of a gun and soon begins peeling away the layers of secrets and lies.”

“With the pressure mounting, his determination to unlock the case is tested to the limit, and, as the hunt for the killer gathers pace, Dixon finds himself fighting for his life in the dead of night.”

The book is the third in the DI Nick Dixon crime series. Kickback follows on from Head In The Sand, which proved very popular with readers.

Damien hopes to arrange a book signing at GW Hurleys in Burnham High Street during March.

“Everyone has been so kind about As The Crow Flies and Head In The Sand and I very much hope that Kickback is as well received. I attended a Burnham book club meeting in January, which was great feedback too,” he added.

When he’s not writing books, Damien works in private practice as a solicitor but has years many spent working as an employee of the Crown Prosecution Service which has helped the authenticity of his writing.

Damien’s family was bombed out of Bristol during the war and lived in Herbert Road in Burnham for more than 50 years. It was Damien’s home for 30 years and he went to St Dunstan’s School in Rectory Road.

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