A Burnham-On-Sea dog owner has this week warned beach walkers to beware after she was left with a big vet’s bill following an attack on her pet at the weekend.

The incident happened on Berrow Beach at about 1pm on Saturday 24th February, says the owner, who is to remain anonymous.

“I walk my dog there a few times a week – it’s always so lovely and peaceful,” she says.

“Last Saturday, though, I came across a man who has two German Shepherds – one of which was very aggressive and attacked my very gentle Dalmatian.”

“I had to take my poor dog bleeding – where he had sunk his canines deep into her flesh on her side – to an emergency vets which was a very traumatic experience.”

“I had a big bill and am very upset that someone is allowed to do this. I feel scared to go back for our lovely walks on Berrow sands.”

She added: “I am very concerned about going back again. I asked him to put the dog on the lead which he did. But five minutes later it was off again, running around with families with children and other dogs.”

“I feel he is not responsible and does not understand the danger to other dogs and people around him. I am very concerned this could happen to anyone else at anytime, especially to little children.”

Sedgemoor District Council, which oversees Berrow beach, says it was unaware of the incident. However, spokeswoman Claire Faun told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We would remind all dog owners and walkers that they should be respectful towards other dog owners and walkers.”

Keep dogs under close control, as well as being mindful that not all people are as fond of dogs as they are.”