Concerns have been raised this week about drainage and plans to re-route a public footpath at the proposed site of the Brue Farm housing development in Highbridge.

At a meeting of the Town Council’s Planning Applications Committee on Wednesday evening (October 10th), councillors considered the ‘reserved matters application’ from Hallam Land Management for the site.

The first phase of the development will see 74 new homes built on the outskirts of Highbridge, but councillors are concerned that drainage and foul water could drain into the nearby River Brue.

Cllr John Parkes told the meeting: “I have received several concerns from residents in Market Street about where the foul water will be released from the site, given that there was soom flooding back in Easter this year. It was felt that the Drainage Board didn’t listen to their concerns.”

Cllr Andy Brewer added: “There’s always a danger during extreme wet weather that some foul water will run into the river with flood water. We all remember that TV pictures from last winter of flooding in other parts of the country and hope that never happens here.”

The applicant also wants to relocate the current public footpath running across the site to a new route running closer to the River Brue at the edge of the housing development.

Cllr John Parkes said: “Given all that’s going on at Lakeside and Walrow at the moment, I have concerns that this is creating a template for other footpath changes and could be setting a precedent.”

But councillors reviewed a statement from Somerset County Council’s Rights Of Way Officer explaining the conditions that are being put on the developer and supported the footpath changes.

Councillors voted to accept the footpath changes but raised concerns about the drainage issues. A final decision will be taken by Sedgemoor District Council.