Residents in the Burnham-On-Sea area are going to the polls today (Thursday) to cast their votes in the European Elections.

Ann Widdecombe, Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris Johnson) and Lord Andrew Adonis are among the more recognisable names standing in the South West for the EU Parliament. Six MEPs will represent the region, which includes the Burnham-On-Sea area.

Within the Sedgemoor area of the South West Region, votes will be verified facedown, but not counted, from 10pm this evening (Thursday) at The Canalside, Marsh Lane, Huntworth in Bridgwater. This process is expected to take until around 1am.

The count will start from 4pm on Sunday 26th May at The Canalside, Marsh Lane, Huntworth in Bridgwater.

There will be no ‘result’ for the Sedgemoor area. The results for all voting regions across the South West are sent to BPC Council (the co-ordinating authority for the South West) and are combined to produce one definitive set of results for the entire South West region.

However, figures for the Sedgemoor vote will be declared to any candidates and agents and this is expected at approximately midnight on Sunday May 26th. This will be displayed on once clearance has been received from the organising authority. The results from all 28 states will be announced on the evening of Sunday, 26th May.

The European Election candidates standing are:

Change UK – The Independent Group

* JOHNSON, Rachel Sabiha


* MIDDLETON, Oliver Sean Grevatt

* HOOBERMAN, Matthew

* SEWELL, Elizabeth-Anne

* HUNT, Crispin

Conservative and Unionist Party:

* FOX, Ashley Peter

* MUSTOE, James Michael


* HISCOTT, Claire Michelle


* OWENS, Emmeline Elizabeth

English Democrats:

* KNIGHT, Jenny

* BLUNDELL, Michael Thomas Martin

Green Party:

* SCOTT Cato, Molly

* LAKE, Cleo Alberta

* DENYER, Carla Suzanne

* SCOTT, Tom

* DIMERY, Martin John

* LA BORDE, Karen Margaret

Labour Party:

* MOODY, Clare Miranda

* ADONIS, Andrew

* KIRKHAM, Jayne Susannah

* GUILD, Neil William

* ATKINSON, Yvonne Margaret

* AL-HASSAN, Sadik Adam

Liberal Democrats:

* VOADEN, Caroline Jane

* HORWOOD, Martin Charles

* WILLIAMS, Stephen Roy

* RYLANCE, Eleanor Anne Christine

* CHALMERS, David Nigel

* STAGNETTO, Luke Oliver

The Brexit Party:

* WIDDECOMBE, Ann Noreen

* GLANCY, James Alexander

* JORDAN, Christina Sheila

* TARR, Ann Christine

* LANE-NOTT, Roger Charles

* DARKE, Nicola Jane

UK Independence Party (UKIP):

* WEBB, Lawrence James


* MCINTYRE, Anthony James

* TAYLOR, Lester Geoffrey

* LEE, Stephen Alaric

* SHERIDAN, Alison Jane


* MAXEY, Larch Ian Albert Frank

* RAHMAN, Nothiur

* SEED, Neville