A new fictional horror movie filmed in Burnham-On-Sea area has been launched this month.

Local film makers James and Kate Cameron worked with local actor Stefan Andrews and drama student Thomas Llywarch on the short film.

Called ‘The Cursed’, it revolves around a group of archaeology students who dig up an incredible find during a dig in Egypt and unleash an ancient evil that destroys all in its wake.

The film, which was shot entirely in Burnham, was produced by Burnham-based Avalon Visions.

“This homage to classic horror sees the reunion of local actors Stefan Andrews and Thomas Llywarch with writer Kate Cameron and director James Cameron following last year’s double film ‘The Masquerade: The Brenton Hill Incident’ and ‘The Forsaken’ and the charity fundraising fan film ‘Doctor Who: The Spawn of Death’,” said a spokesman.

The film is available on DVD via the group’s website here and includes a full length commentary, deleted scenes and bloopers.

The team will now be taking a break to focus on pre-production for next year’s project ‘Haunted’ while continuing writing the production team’s 10th anniversary film ‘Shades of Art’ which is due to be released in 2016.

Aspiring cast and crew can contact Avalon Visions to find out how to get involved in our future projects via the website.