Burnham-On-Sea fire crews were called to a kitchen blaze at a home in Highbridge on Friday evening (November 19th).

Two Burnham fire engines were sent to a property on the corner of West Avenue and South Avenue at 5.35pm, as pictured here.

A fire spokesperson told Burnham-On-Sea.com that a burning grill pan had caused a small blaze, although damage was fortunately minimal.

The incident comes during the same week that Devon And Somerset Fire Service has warned residents in the Burnham area about the rising danger of kitchen fires.

New figures show 40% of accidental fires in the home are started by cooking, with distraction being the main cause.

The service’s Group Manager Glenn Askew said: “Most, if not all, fires involving cooking could be easily prevented.”

He said there are several things residents can do to prevent fires when using a cooker. “Make sure you don’t get distracted when cooking, turn saucepans so the handles don’t stick out over the edge of the hob or over another ring, keep anything that can catch fire away from your cooker top, double check that the cooker is off when you have finished cooking, keep the oven, hob and grill clean, take care if you’re wearing loose clothing when cooking, and don’t cook if you have been drinking alcohol or feel drowsy,” he advised.

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