Environment Agency bosses have again warned Burnham-On-Sea residents that this coming weekend’s high tides could lead to flooding if they coincide with bad weather.

The tides on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th October will be as high as those at the start of September because they come so soon after the equinox.

While the latest forecasts indicate the weather for Burnham will not be stormy this weekend – with winds not exceeding 20mph – the Agency says residents should still be on their guard.

Storm waves in Burnham in 2004“In September, still water levels were high, but the weather was favourable. This week’s tides could be different,” said Tim Wood for the Environment Agency. “All our flood warning procedures were in place last month and worked well. It was a good test in preparation for the high tides this weekend.”

“The weather is a major influence on whether the tides will cause flood problems. We will be monitoring the situation as we get nearer to the dates, as per our usual procedures. Should the situation require, we will issue flood warnings and operate our defences.”

“It is important that everyone living on the coast or in a tidal area is aware of the risk and is prepared,” added Mr Wood.

The weekend of September 9th-11th saw equinoctial tides along the shores of Somerset. The Environment Agency had cautioned if the tides coincided with bad weather there would have been flooding. Fortunately, conditions stayed calm and the risk was avoided.


Video clip of a big wave breaking over Burnham seafront in May 2004

Weather forecast

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