Horse riders next to Burnham-On-Sea lighthouse

A horse rider on Burnham-On-Sea beach has this week urged dog walkers to keep their pets under control after her horse was pursued by a dog.

Abigail Lewis says that beach walkers need to be aware of the importance of keeping dogs under control after one chased her for 10 minutes while she rode her horse on Monday (January 4th).

“Luckily, my horse never raised a leg or got spooked and neither me nor the dog or horse were hurt – but say if my horse had kicked the dog and killed it, the owners would have had something to say,” adds Abigail.

“I asked for an apology and their response was ‘why, he’s just playing’. If this had been a child or a child on a pony with no control it could’ve caused an accident.”

“I managed to keep my horse in control – a fit racehorse in training – but they couldn’t recall their dog.”

“I am more than aware that a lot of people don’t like horses on the beach but it is a shared spaced so everybody should respect everyone and also I know when myself and people I know ride on the beach we all either go very early or late in the afternoon to try avoid busy periods.”

“We don’t ride on the beach in seasonal periods. I always make sure I always also ride below the main strip where people walk, say morning to people and smile. I’ve had a lot of lovely people stop and talk to me and take pictures.”

“I just think some awareness needs to be made before someone gets hurt.”


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