A jet skier who became stranded on Stert Island on Sunday (May 18th) has thanked Burnham-On-Sea’s rescue services for coming to his aid.

Ian Cooper, from Bristol, was stranded on the island when his jet ski broke down after a mechanical problem.

Burnham Coastguards called out Burnham’s RNLI lifeboats and a BARB hovercraft to help rescue Mr Cooper and retrieve his jet ski.

He explained that the drama unfolded when his jet ski abruptly stopped working. “The tide was going out and I misjudged how shallow the water was besides Stert Island. Unfotunately, my jet ski sucked up some shingle which jammed the propellor,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“A friend, who was also jet skiing, tried to tow me back acros the estuary to Burnham but his machine didn’t have the power. He went back across to alert the beach warden who in turn called on the help of the Coastguards.”

“I was stuck there for almost an hour in total – and was very grateful to the rescue services for getting across to me and returning me back to the shore. I have been jet skiing here in Burnham for several years so am aware of the dangers – I was just unlucky this time.”

The RNLI D-Class lifeboat took Mr Cooper back to the shore and the jet ski was safely moored before being recovered on the evening high tide at 8.30pm, as pictured below.

Burnham’s hovercraft was also launched with two Coastguards onboard

Burnham Coastguards co-ordinated the rescue of the jet skier

The stricken jet ski was towed back from Stert on Sunday evening by lifeboat

Returned to shore – the jet ski being loaded onto a trailer as the incident closed