Burnham-On-Sea Lions Club and Rotary Club have worked together to purchase life-changing equipment for a local young disabled woman.

The groups were asked by ‘Homes Caring for Autism’ whether they could help Lara Baggott, who has various health conditions including epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, autism and a sensory processing disorder.

She has badly needed a bathroom hoist at her residential home in Berrow to help her mobility.

Burnham Lions spokesman Colin Holdom told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Having a bath is Lara’s most favourite thing to do, so much so that it is very difficult to get her out of it and sadly this has resulted in not being able to have a bath for almost 2 years.”

“With some creative thinking we have been able to identify a suitable hoist to allow her carers to assist her in getting out of the bath but unfortunately as her ‘basic personal care’ is being met, the NHS will not fund it.”

Colin added: “Lara has very few interests in her life and this is has always been a main one. It gives her the opportunity to relax and stretch out, which is so important due to her mobility issues.”

“She is often anxious and giving her a bath was always successful in reducing her stress. It’s important for Lara to have as much control over her life as she can through being able to choose to do the things she loves. All of the above put together provide a significant contribution towards maintaining her mental health, which can be somewhat fragile.”

Following the request, the Lions decided to meet Lara at her residential home together with the Assistant Manager Julie Packer.

Colin added: “It became obvious just how Lara’s life would be tremendously enhanced if only she could have the sensory enjoyment of having a bath, something we all take for granted.”

“On contacting the Local Rotary Club, they were also happy to join forces with us to help provide this bathing hoist, which has now been handed over.”

Pictured: Top, Lions Club Members Colin Rufus – President, Olive Holdom – Community, Colin Holdom – Activities, with the Rotary Club’s Jane Gibbs – Immediate Past President, and Ian Breed – Past President; and Lara Baggott with Keyworkers Christine Petersen and Chloe Baker