The mother of a five year-old girl who died after getting stuck on mudflats at Berrow scattered flower petals at the scene of the tragedy on Saturday (June 23rd), ten years to the day since it occurred.

Five year-old Lelaina Hall, right, died after getting trapped by the incoming tide on the beach in 2002.

In her memory thousands of pounds was raised by readers of the Western Daily Press newspaper to buy The Spirit of Lelaina rescue hovercraft, which is run by Burnham-based charity BARB and has helped and rescued dozens of people.

Lelaina’s mother, Caroline Hall, returned to Berrow on Saturday with her family to scatter the petals and lay a bouquet of flowers.

She also visited a special open day at BARB’s hovercraft station in Burnham where beach safety information was handed out to visitors throughout the day.

Caroline said: “I feel very proud that the legacy of Lelaina is still very much alive and that something very positive has come out of the tragedy.”

“June is always a very difficult month for us, but we wanted to mark the anniversary by visiting Berrow beach and Burnham to see the essential beach safety work that BARB does.”

Caroline and her family scattering the petals on Berrow beach

The colourful petals were scattered on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy

Caroline and her family also visited Burnham where she and her family went onboard The Light Of Elizabeth rescue hovercraft, named after Lelaina’s sister, and met the crew of the hovercrafts and Burnham’s Mayor, Ken Smout.


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