‘Life-line funding’ to save Highbridge Library from closure has not been secured from local parish councils, it has emerged.

Burnham and Highbridge Town Council has written to the parish councils surrounding Highbridge to see whether they would be willing to contribute towards the costs of keeping the facilities open.

It comes after Somerset County Council held a libraries consultation process earlier this year and said Highbridge library may close if volunteers and other funding cannot be found.

Town Council Clerk Tatiana Cant revealed at a council meeting: “We have written to the local parish councils and sadly no funding has been forthcoming.”

“It appears that there are very few users of the library in the surrounding parishes and so funding is unlikely to be found.”

In October, Somerset County Council will announce the results of its consultation process and formally confirm whether the facilities will be saved or be closed to save costs.

A high profile campaign to save the library was run earlier in the year which raised hopes that it may be saved.

The Town Clerk said she felt that “there is still time to negotiate with the County Councils” and that there are still hopes that the library can be saved.

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