February 22, 2005
New Burnham-On-Sea Lidl store sparks anger as 8ft fence goes up

Angry residents living next to Burnham’s new Lidl supermarket are fuming after an 8ft tall fence was built around the store’s perimeter – blocking their garden gates and even a garage.

Residents living along Jaycroft Road – which backs onto the new store’s car park – say the fence was built this week without them being fully consulted.

“All access from the back of our home has been completely removed overnight. Our back gate and garage doors have been obstructed by this fence which Lidl’s builders constructed on Monday morning with just hours to go before the store’s opening,” said Nick Prout (pictured), who lives along the road with partner Amanda Cunningham.

Speaking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, he added: “Access to the car park was initially rented to us by the council. When they sold the land to Lidl, we were told that access could be lost, but they never gave us specifics. They certainly didn’t mention anything about an 8ft tall fence.”

Burnham-On-Sea's new Lidl  storeThe fence has been built so close to the end of their garden wall that there is now just an 18-inch gap – meaning that Nick is unable to get out of his garden from the rear of the property and, furthermore, little sunlight is able to enter all of their garden.

“We wouldn’t have minded if Lidl had properly grassed over the area and given us some access – but the fence is so tall and been built so close to our back wall that I doubt anyone could get into the narrow passageway to keep it clean. It could even attract rats and rubbish in time and become a health hazard.”

Nick and Amanda have contacted local planning officers and are writing to Lidl with the hope of getting the fence altered or removed.

Burnham-On-Sea’s Lidl store opened on Thursday, February 24 2005.


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