A Burnham-On-Sea fundraiser is set to have his hair shaved off to raise money for a charity that has been supporting his mother as she battles cancer.

David Bullimore will be holding the fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday 8th April from 8pm at Pawlett Legion Social Club.

His mother Linda, who is a well-known resident about Burnham, has been diagnosed with four cancerous tumours – two in the brain and two in a lung.

“She is the most inspiring woman I have ever met,” says David. “The best thing about my mom is that she loves everyone and treats them all equally. She loves helping out and supporting anything she can and she is there for everyone with the same effort.”

“Everyone who has met my mom has always been fond of her – please help me support her and show her the love that she has relentlessly shown to all of us in one way or another. Please help us raise some money and support a great cause, helping thousands of people each day. It can be as little as £1 or as big as £100.”

Linda says: “I will only have had two chemo sessions by the time David has the big shave – but of course I have already been privileged to have been given a 1% patient opportunity (in the country) of Gamma Knife radiation treatment on the tumours on my brain.”

“At the time of diagnosis there were two tumours, at the time of treatment there were three and we are not sure whether the treatment has been a total success yet but a scan in May will reveal those results – I am of course terminal.”

“The treatment I am receiving is in order to prolong my existence for as long as I need and can handle. My prognosis was 6-9 months, I have every intention of punching through that time limit as I want to see this year’s Carnival, my grandson’s first real Christmas, and various other passionate projects I feel very strongly about.”

“The MacMillan people have been absolutely amazing, as have the Uphill Weston Hospice, the NHS a fantastic service at Weston General; Bristol Oncology and even the surgery in Love Lane.”

“Giving thanks to these organisations seems little in response to the support they give patients and I hope to be able to do more for them before my time is up.”

To support David’s sponsored head shave, click here.