After visiting 80 countries in 40 years, Burnham-On-Sea teacher, explorer and author Michael Turner has been travelling again by heading to Easter Island and Chile.

Michael Turner made a video on eco-tourism to illustrate one of his geography lessons for the summer schools he holds.

This involved being filmed at 23 metres whilst scuba diving and cycling around the island to video the iconic, mysterious moi on the world’s most remote inhabited island.

On mainland Chile he hitch-hiked 1,200 miles through the Atacama, the world’s driest desert.

He visited four locations where Francis Drake had dramatic, hostile and lucrative contacts with the Spanish on his world voyage.

Michael discovered the location of a Drake site geographically unknown to authors for centuries.

Using his command of Spanish, he then tracked down the 11th emerging miner rescued in 2010 from the longest entrapment in history which made world news for two months.

Jorge showed Michael the drill hole that made contact with the entombed miners. The men were photographed and filmed next to the rescue capsule.

Jorge stated that despite the Hollywood release of the film The 33 staring Antonio Banderas stating “This is their story,” very little was fact.

Michael then visited the world’s biggest man-made hole which is an open pit copper mine and the world’s highest geyser field at 4,800 metres.

To mark his seventh visit to Chile in 30 years, at the famous La Portada sea arch, he recorded a video in Spanish thanking the Chilean people for his memorable experiences during his epic adventurous and educational journeys.

In September he will add more videos to his Youtube playlist, which is called Turner’s Travels, when he hitch-hikes through Zambia to cross Victoria Falls into Zimbabwe.

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