A Burnham-On-Sea mother has appealed for help in tracking down the driver of a car similar to this one after he clipped her son as he walked along a local road.

Hannah McKenzie made the appeal after the incident on the Mark Causeway on Wednesday afternoon (September 6th).

She said: “If anybody knows of a mini similar to this that would have been driving down Mark Causeway today at 3.40pm-ish please contact me.”

“There was a young lad driving, I would say around 19/20 years old if that. Brown curlyish short hair and a hat on.”

“He was texting on his mobile phone – I could see clearly as he was approaching – and he didn’t see me and my son walking home from school.”

“He hit my son and didn’t even stop. I think the lad was too busy on his mobile to even notice that he had hit my son.”

She added that she was “so relieved” that her son was OK, albeit both were “very shaken up”.

The mini was described as “a pretty new model, dark purpley colour with white stripes on it.”

The vehicle was seen heading out of Mark towards the Burnham-On-Sea direction. Anyone with information should contact Burnham Police on 101.