Sedgemoor District Council has successfully prosecuted a Highbridge resident for breach of a Noise Abatement Notice.

Mr Ferenczi of 9 Regal Court, Newtown Road, Highbridge appeared before magistrates at Taunton Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty. He was fined £100 and ordered to pay £250 costs.

The magistrates also approved a confiscation order, meaning that the previously seized equipment (amplifiers, turntables and speakers) will not be returned to him.

“Whilst the process can be lengthy, Sedgemoor District Council does use its full range of enforcement powers to tackle this sort anti-social and nuisance behaviour which can seriously affect the quality of people’s lives,” a council spokeswoman told

She added that since 2010, the council’s Environmental Health Team have received a number of complaints from various neighbours about loud music coming from the flat.

Complaints were also made to Raglan Housing and then Stonewater Housing Association.

“The tenant has consistently ignored any warnings given by Sedgemoor District Council and the Housing Association about reducing noise levels and the need to be considerate to neighbours.”

“Noise recordings were made and Environmental Health Officers were satisfied that there was a Statutory Noise Nuisance occurring and an Abatement Notice was served in August 2014.”

“An Abatement Notice requires the person responsible to keep noise to a reasonable level and to avoid anti-social times of the evening and night. Unfortunately, further complaints were received and despite further warnings the tenant continued to play music to excessive levels, which were again recorded.”

“The Council then applied for a warrant that allowed Sedgemoor District Council to seize the noise making equipment for breach of the Noise Abatement Notice.”